Rating Scale

For games, I grade on a six-star scale. 

Not a perfect game, but so lacking in flaws or detracting features that it could almost be regarded as such.  One for the history books.

Phenomenal in nearly every way.  A game that succeeds in everything it sets out to accomplish, and overall an exceptional effort.

Exemplary in one or two ways or great in every way.  Minor flaws here and there do not stop this from being one of the best games of the year.  Games that score 5 stars or higher have their image centered for at-a-glance recognition.

Simply great, and well worth the purchase.  It might not be as elegant, refined, or polished as higher rated games, but it's not any less fun.

A lot of fun, and overall a great game.  But there may be some notable flaws here and there.

Good, but not great.  Not everyone will love the game, but it's overall still enjoyable.

A fair balance of positive and negative features.  The developers got some things right and some things wrong.  For your money, it's an average effort overall.

Mediocre is a good describing word.  There may be an excellent idea in there somewhere, but you'll have to work to get to it.  There will be people out there who sing this game's praises, but overall it will be dismissed, and with good reason.

Maybe the game was rushed, or the developer lacked the resources to make something better.  But the bottom line is, the game's not very good.  Try before you buy, if you find yourself at all interested.

There might be some good in here somewhere, but I cannot in good conscience recommend this game to anyone.

Finding anything fun to do in this game is a chore.  Don't buy it.

Reserved for games deemed essentially unplayable, either through constant technical glitches or abhorrent game design.