Sunday, March 18, 2012

Working on a review for XIII-2

It's been a while, but I'm not dead, and I have been playing games.

I've been playing Final Fantasy XIII-2, Dark Souls, Resident Evil 4, and Civilization 5, mainly.  Of those, the only one I plan to do a write up for is XIII-2.  It's a good game, I'll say that right now.  There isn't a lot that I don't like about it, but the story is so boring and uninteresting that, despite the gameplay ranging from fully competent to great, I'm not inspired to finish it.  But I want to finish it, and write about it.

I bought Dark Souls when it came out in October, but it was probably a full month or so before I took the shrinkwrap off.  Even so, I stopped playing for a couple of months after I beat the gargoyles in Undead Parish.  Now I've picked it up again, and I'm playing the hell out of it.  Truth be told, I could have beaten it weeks ago, but I have an overbearing tendency to stop in every new location and sit there for hours, days even, doing co-op.  And I mean EVERY location.  I stopped in Undead Parish, I stopped in the Depths, I stopped in Blighttown, I stopped in Anor Londo, I stopped in the Duke's Archive, I stopped in the Painted World, I stopped in the Tomb of Giants, and I stopped for a full week in the Demon Ruins and Lost Izalith.  I would be chilling in New Londo with my sign down too, but the pickings aren't too great there.  Might be the final boss is my last hope for co-op.  Over 80 hours on my character, and I haven't even killed all four lords on my first playthrough, yet.  I've been dicking around, for sure.

No review for Civilization V.  That game is amazing.  If you have the cash and like turn based strategy, go buy it.

Resident Evil 4 I'm playing through for the first time on PS3.  It's cool, though I'm in the minority in preferring 5.  I think the gameplay is smoother, though that's to be expected.  And a lot of the enemy encounters in RE4 are just painfully typical.  You walk into a room, the doors lock behind you, and a mob of guys run in.  Repeat ad nauseum.  It's also a very stressful game, but that just goes to show how well they crafted item management.

I was going to do a writeup for Costume Quest, but I deleted it off my PS3 promptly after beating it.  That in itself is kind of a sign, I guess.  It's different, and it's pleasant, but it's also just a little bit repetitive, and gets boring towards the end.  Because I have such an excess of space on my system, I rarely delete games, but after I beat Costume Quest I instantly knew deep down that I wasn't going to play it again.