Saturday, October 13, 2012

I've hit a snag.

I keep looking at my Steam library, and my ever-increasing stable of PS3 games.  Time whiles away, but I don't actually put anything in, or launch anything.

Sure, I'm playing some stuff.  I just started NG+ in Tales of Graces f.  This going to be my completion run; I intend to get every skit, every subevent, and open every chest and talk to every person, at the least.  All while grabbing up as many titles as I can.  Mainly the arte usages one that I didn't quite achieve in my first playthrough (some of the arte master titles require insane amounts of usage, as in "use this arte 800 times if you want the title").  I also finished Lineage and Legacies, which was excellent.  Lineage and Legacies takes place half a year after the end of the main game, and serves as a several hour epilogue.  The arc is highly character driven, and in many ways was actually more entertaining than the main arc's plot.  It's also positively stuffed with easter eggs, from high level weapons that directly reference past games, to a secret Mystic Arte you can perform on the final boss.

I've also been playing Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3.  Mainly because I finally figured out how to unlock Rank 2-4 mobile suits, so now I'm just kind of blasting through every map.  It's awesome.  When I bought DWG3, I kind of expected it to be useful as one of those games I could pop in and play for brief periods.  But it didn't end up being that kind of game.  To my surprise, it has that "one more mission" feel to it that I often only associate with games like Total War and Civilization.  I'm driven to complete mission after mission, farming money so I can develop a better, more badass suit that I can complete even MORE missions with.

I was playing Borderlands, but I'm not sure I want to finish the game.  On one hand, I kind of want to finish it for the trophies, and so I can say I finished it.  On the other, it's just not a very enjoyable game.  Even as I think about it, the premise of Borderlands is extremely appealing to me.  I always think "man, what a fun game Borderlands is, I can't remember why I only gave it a 7," and then I sit down to play it, and I immediately remember why.  It's just not that fun.  Playing Borderlands almost feels like a chore.  The mission objectives are always so far away that you ultimately spend more time traveling--whether by car or on foot--then you do actually shooting things and grabbing loot.  The process of comparing loot is cumbersome, and the guns often don't have that kick to them that you expect.  Most of the environments are also bland and uninspired.

Sonic Generations is proving to be not as fun as I remember it to be.  The Modern levels are great for the most part, but I've decided that I despise the Classic levels.

So yeah, I'm playing stuff.  But I'm not actually really playing stuff.  Most of the games I'm playing, I'm just doing cleanup work.  I'm not actively playing through them because they're new and interesting, but because there are things keeping me from simply putting them aside; lingering things that I want to accomplish.  I did buy Resident Evil 6, and seem to be one of the few that actually likes it, but I've decided to limit myself to only playing it with my sister, because that's how we played through 5.

So in the meantime, I continue to peruse my library, looking for a new and interesting game to start fresh.  I haven't played Bastion yet.  I kind of want to try Serious Sam 3.  Maybe Hitman: Blood Money?  There's also Kingdoms of Amalur...

Though truth be told, none of this will matter in a couple of weeks.  Because I have Assassin's Creed 3 and the Zone of Enders Collection pre-ordered.

......I guess I could just resume playing The Last Story, like I keep meaning to.  Damn it.

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