Monday, July 30, 2012

Damn, Ubisoft.

So I've been playing a couple of Ubisoft games lately.  I bought Splinter Cell: Conviction from Steam for $5, and have been playing Ghost Recon: Future Soldier on PS3.

I was going to write up a review for Splinter Cell: Conviction, but I just don't want much to do with it anymore, due to the prohibitive DRM.  I'm glad I got it at a heavily discounted price, but I kind of regret spending money on it at all, and wish I had doublechecked for this sort of thing beforehand.  Basically, Ubisoft requires you to be signed in to their little Uplay service.  I get why every publisher under the sun insists on stacking their own network on top of the actual platform you got the game on, but it's stupidly redundant to buy a game on Steam or for PS3 and have to sign into Uplay on top of PSN or Steam.  They can't really be getting that many active participants, can they?

Anyway, this particular brand of Uplay DRM doesn't allow for Conviction to be played in offline mode.  Yeah...that means you have to be constantly online to play Splinter Cell: Conviction, even if you're only playing through the singleplayer campaign, like I was. does that as well as Origin, and it's really dumb.  If my WiFi so much as hiccuped, the game would immediately pause and force me to check my connection, or quit out.  As soon as I got my connection fixed and got back into the game, it promptly crashed.  I was shocked and somewhat enraged.  It crossed my mind that this would not have been an issue if I had pirated the game.  And I nearly did, right then and there.  But I decided it wasn't worth the bandwidth to download a whole separate copy of the game and crack it.  Still, this is the last time I buy an Ubisoft game for PC.  At least until they get their shit together.

It's a pretty fun game, but unless someone wants to play some co-op with me, I'm gonna uninstall it as soon as I finish the story mode.  Yeah, despite everything at least the singleplayer is still fun enough to convince me to continue playing.

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